Florida Nudists Worry They’re Not Covered Under Indecent Exposure Bill

Indecency bill concerns clothes free group

Florida Nudists Worry They’re Not Covered Under Indecent Exposure Bill

“As it is, indecent exposure is very unclear. There’s a lot of cases where nudists will get arrested for it, and then once it gets to a judge, the case is thrown out because it’s not indecent exposure, if it’s in a place that’s clothing optional. But, if this new law will come through, it will be easier for nudists to be arrested for that, even if they’re not violating any laws,” said Moyers.

Group members say they understand the intent of the bill. But, Shipley says it’s too broad and he’s worried police won’t just catch Hager’s example of book store-type offenders..

“We do support protecting children’s from such individuals. We definitely don’t support that behavior in any way. However, this bill will not even address them. It will be a catch-all. It might get some of them, but it’s not going to go to any great lengths to solve the problem that is being presented. So, it’s going to harass innocent people, and it’s not going to catch the bad guys, like someone sitting in their own home who is accidentally visible to their neighbors or someone who is trying to skinny dip, and again, be left alone,” said Shipley.

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