To block! Or not to block! That is the question!

Yes, it’s me again, Barbeint aka @IbanSaram. As a result of having  contracted laryngitis that has started creeping its way southwards and developing into the beginning stages of bronchitis, my GP was nice enough to give me the nastiest flavoured, chalky meds available to mankind to help my body fight off the germy invaders, but also, more importantly, he told me to stay in bed for 36 hours and “conserve energy”. Rather than just sit here and stare at the ceiling, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to slug out a new blog for this site. But this blog isn’t about my health.

Admittedly, I am not the world’s greatest or most followed tweeter – nor do I aspire to be, but slowly but surely I’m beginning to build up a throng of dedicated followers who are, on the whole, very much like me: interested in either humour, naturism, barefooting, photography, good conversation, or intellectual endeavour. This blog, however, is not about them.

No, this blog is about the other sort of people I’ve started attracting to my largely naturist / nudist feed: the bigoted mob, the porn-fanciers, the members of the close-minded club, the I-follow-200-people-but-have-yet-to-tweet-myself crowd. I’ve come to realise that the longer I tweet actively, the more of these sorts of people I’ll probably get. It just goes with the territory.

In the past I had made it my policy not to block anyone unless they RT my posts to “dubious” or, in my own humble opinion, “shady” feeds or they start making disparaging, degrading comments about my followers, my lifestyle, or me as a person. After all, I thought, if they’re not breaking one of my “rules”, they aren’t affecting me in any way, now are they? What they do with their lives is their own business. Live and let live, eh?

Not too long ago, however, it came to my attention that some people feel they cannot follow me or take me seriously because they’ve looked at “the sort of [follower]” they believe I attract based a quick examination of my followers list. I believe the mindset in operation here is that “if you cater to this lot, then it’s not the sort of place I want to be in”.

screenshot of Block Request

I could argue that if they want to be that biased or hoity-toity, I’m probably better off without them; these people don’t sound like the most open-minded lot either if they’re willing to make assumptions about me and my opinions based not on who I follow, but rather those who follow me.

On the other hand, some publicans and some hotel owners I’ve met often along the way tell me that perspective guests will form an instant opinion of a place they visit the first time by the impression they get of the people who look like they frequent the venue. As one landlord put it, “If your regulars look shabby, the people comin’ through the door will think the same of your pub – no matter how clean the place is.” People will, whether for good or bad, judge a place by its clientele; that is a fact.

So what do I, a minor league tweeter, do? Do I continue it the way I have been or do I play self-appointed judge and start blocking people before they even have the chance to introduce themselves? I’d be really interested to hear what this site’s users and contributors think.

That being said, I think I’m going to follow my doctor’s advice and just roll over, relax, and watch the next DVD in the Series 3 box of The Tudors.

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