Why Naked Women Don’t Have To Be Titillating

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Why Naked Women Don’t Have To Be Titillating

It should be obvious to a TV writer — and any other savvy consumer of pop culture and/or thinking human being — that there are reasons why a female character would appear naked onscreen that go beyond “titillation.” First of all, there’s a comedic aspect to nudity and as Girls is ostensibly a comedy, nakedness is often used this way. Think of the scene in season two where Hannah, high on cocaine for the first time, trades shirts with a total stranger in a club in the middle of the dance-floor. She then spends the rest of the night walking around braless, in a mesh top. It’s not gratuitous nudity, it’s meant to be funny — and it is. Of course, it’s possible that Molloy doesn’t find scenes like that particularly amusing, which is fine. But the fact that he can’t recognize that they’re meant to be humorous is perplexing, especially when plenty of male characters have used their nudity as a punchline in the past with no questions asked. Think of Jason Segel’s full-frontal nude scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall – not titillating, but many found it hilarious.

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