Q&A with Naked Yoga Teacher Dee Vee Marie

Canadian clothes free yoga teacher tells all

Q&A with Naked Yoga Teacher Dee Vee Marie

Do you do more contained poses, or can downward dog be naked?

It depends on the class. Many people are afraid to bend over and have their butt in someone’s face. Even in clothed-yoga, this can be challenging! So, if the class is fairly new to social nudity, I do the class in a semi-circle, so there’s nobody behind you. Then we can do all the forward folds we want. If I’m teaching at a nudist club, then we do all the spread-eagle poses.

In any setting, I tell students that if nervousness comes up, if arousal comes up, if self-consciousness comes up, if judgement about self or others comes up, these are all opportunities to go deeper into our self-awareness and self-acceptance. It’s all yoga. So, yes, I do mostly the same postures as I could in a clothing-on class, inviting reflection and a more inward, eyes-closed experience of air-on-exposed-skin. It’s truly magnificent, if you can surrender into it.

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