Prude not necessarily prudent

is clothes free phobia harmful?

Prude not necessarily prudent

Though not everyone today shares Freud’s contention that sex surrounds almost every human action and emotion even from infancy, looking at our society it is hard to argue against his assertion that sexual repression is “the chief psychological problem of mankind” (Freud, 2011). Freud concluded that repression and constriction of sexual behavior in youth would become manifest in adulthood and there is a good deal of psychological studies that support his assumption.

The discussion here is limited only to nudity, simple nakedness and the lack of clothing which has nothing whatsoever to do with sexuality, sexual practices or anything connected in any way to the sexual. But understanding prudish, repressive attitudes towards nudity requires an understanding of sexual repression and its prevalence in the larger culture because in our society the two go hand in hand. It’s undeniable that in our society the majority view is that in most instances nudity is an invitation to if not an outright prelude to sexual activity.

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