Social Media vs. Nudity

Aanr blog discusses FB nudity policy and the impact it has on celeb artist like Spencer Tunick

Social Media vs. Nudity

What people may not be aware of is the process of evaluating photos that are deemed acceptable. According to Facebook, with few exceptions, the company does not just pull photos down of their own volition, except those that involve extreme and graphic images of things like child pornography. For the rest of posted photos, a Facebook user has to flag the photo as objectionable. If a content monitor employed by Facebook agrees, the photo is removed.

The New Yorker cartoons are not immune to Facebook’s anti-nudity stance. Neither is famed photographer Spencer Tunick, who was recently invited to submit photos of his art to Facebook, prior to posting, for approval after Facebook continued to take some of his photos down, froze his account, and occasionally threatened him with the deletion of his page.

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