A house divided cannot stand -what’s up with the clothes free community

Recently a clothes free blogger Naturist Philosopher made a very compelling analysis of the state of the clothes free community, indicating reasons why it was not thriving. I have read and observed this and some of the other commentary within the clothes free community for sometime. So I thought to share my observations on the matter. Note:This is my observation and not intended to match anyone else reality. It may well be biased or incomplete but it is still mine.

20140218-175614.jpgAbraham Lincoln in his speech A House Divided made as candidate for the U.S. senate aptly describes the current state of the clothes free community in my opinion. Drawing of the teachings of Jesus, Lincoln made the case for the end of the division in the country regarding slavery. Leveraging the thoughts of the previously mentioned blogger, I believe the only way the clothes free community will thrive is to reduce internal division.

Let me take a moment to address those divisions which in reality are very natural human behavior. Nothing feels better than to belong, it makes us feel good. But we also have a tendency to make very thin distinctions within the groups to which we belong. We see this in general society and it is evident in the clothes free community as well. So here goes.

Non religious nudists/naturists rail against religious counterparts blaming all Christians for instance for the actions of their institutions. Various naturist groups, organizations and clubs eager to secure their piece of the pie challenge the credibility of others. Family nudists and nudist couples feel their experience threatened by singles. Female naturists are intimidated by males. Clothes free bloggers undercut, undermine others going as far as to copy content and bad mouthing to get attention for their individual sites. Gays and lesbians are not always welcomed by straight nudists. Young naturist criticize older ones as out of touch. Older nudists criticize younger as being impetuous. Newbies run afoul of long time nudists. “Lifestyle” enthusiasts say those who pursue non sexual nudity are prudes.. Nudists with piercings and tattoos feel persecuted by those without. Those more open with the practice being clothes free chide those who for whatever reason must be more private. Clothes free activists challenge the passivity of others. I could go on but I think you get my point.

Chart of clothes free community

Image courtesy of @ibanSaram

All this fragmentation creates a real problem for clothes free community. Simply put there is no real community just a bunch of groups each pursuing their individual agendas. Multiple groups swimming in their own pools. The result is an inability to speak with one voice about anything. Groups can’t even agree on how to advocate for the cause and regularly demean each other’s efforts. A good example is the clear failure of the recent White House petition.

So the pressure being put on clothes free community from the non clothes free and increasingly gymnophobic society continues to spread. This has resulted fewer public options to be clothes free and greater acceptance of banishing those who want to do so. While mainstream media seems to be engaging with clothes free living most of it is distorted and sexual in nature. The end result is a that the practice of clothes free living is at risk of being marginalized out of existence.

When all is said and done I do not know where this will lead, but I do know if there is any hope for a vibrant ongoing clothes free community things have to change.

To paraphrase Lincoln,

I do not expect the clothes free community to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do hope it will cease to be divided.

What do you think?


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