Barefooting and Nudism – A Perfect and Natural Connection

Featured. Image By Gisele Porcaro from Bras\’edlia, Brasil CC 2.0

Have you ever asked yourself about a connection between a barefoot and a nudist lifestyle?

I have thought about the connection between these two lifestyles as I consider myself being a barefooter and a nudist.

A brief history of my barefoot and nudist “career”:

When I was a child, my friends (male and female) and I used to play in the forest and on the playground. Sometimes, we were all naked during this time. Most of us were barefoot, too. Nobody was ashamed  about the other one’s nudity at that time. It just felt nice and you didn’t get your clothes dirty. We used to do this until we went to high school. Then, with the puberty, most of us were ashamed about nudity in front of others. I was not. We were still barefoot whenever possible but the majority preferred wearing clothes. During my university time, I re-launched my nudist lifestyle within my shared flat. Mostly in my own room as my flat mates were not into nudism. I also kept my barefoot lifestyle. Since I’m working in an office job, my back started to hurt and I realized that walking barefoot made my back pain disappear really fast.

Now, I’m trying to keep my nudist and barefoot lifestyle whenever possible. Outdoors, I prefer being naked on the beach, in the forest, on the terrace and wherever I have the possibility to take off my clothes.

So, what’s the connection between barefooting and nudism? Is every nudist a barefooter, too? The answer is: No.

I think we must differentiate between three kinds of nudism:

1. Barefooting – “Foot Nudism”

This is an example for someone being a foot nudist, i.e. by spending most of the time barefoot.

A “foot nudist”. Wearing clothes but no shoes.

Pursuing a barefoot lifestyle is very easy for all of us. Just remove shoes and socks and everything is fine. You can search the internet for health benefits of barefooting. My experience is that majority of barefooters is female. I don’t know why men are not that much into barefooting compared to women but most barefooters I meet in the streets are female. A really big difference between nudism and barefooting is the wider public and social acceptance of the latter. Barefooting can be practiced nearly everywhere without getting into trouble with any authorities. Most other people even don’t realize that they are talking to a barefoot person. Many people indeed feel comfortable with bare feet but not with complete nudity. You will see more barefoot people in public than nudists. I think barefooting is a kind of lowest level nudist lifestyle.

2. Non-barefoot nudists – “Body Nudism”

This is someone regarding himself as a nudist but still wearing footwear.

A “body nudist”. Naked but still with shoes.

No matter if you see it on pictures on Twitter or in real life some nudists still prefer to use footwear, even on beaches. It’s illustrated in the picture by wearing flip flops while being naked. There might be several personal reasons, e.g. health (diabetes) reasons, why people practice nudism but still wear shoes. One might do a survey on the reasons to get a clear view on that.

 3. Barefoot nudists – “Full Nudism”

Someone who combines the benefits of neing naked with the benefits of being barefoot.

A “full nudist”. Neither wearing clothes nor shoes.

From my point of view, barefooting and nudism perfectly fit together. It’s the most comfortable kind of nudist lifestyle. Every time I have the possibility to be naked, I remove every piece of clothing from my body. This includes shoes and socks as well. Nudity as I understand it always means no clothes, no shoes, and no socks. So no part of the body should be covered with anything.

Nudity means to feel everything on your skin. You can feel wind, sun, rain, cold and warm temperatures as well as different surfaces underneath the feet. That’s the most intense way to feel the nature around you. Keep in mind that your feet are the only connection to the ground when you’re walking around. So any kind of footwear, even minimalistic footwear, cuts off the direct connection to the ground. So, we can only feel the ground in a real natural way if we feel it barefoot.

We were all born nude and barefoot. So it is only natural to live a full nudist lifestyle (barefoot and nude). I want to encourage all of you to not just take of your clothes. Take off your shoes and socks, too. Connect barefooting with nudism whenever possible. It’s a perfect connection. And if it’s not possible to be completely nude, just kick off your shoes and socks.

Finally, you should keep the following conclusion in mind:

  1. Barefooters are not necessarily nudists.
  2. Nudists are not necessarily barefooters.
  3. Nudism and barefooting is a perfect match.

Enjoy nudism whenever and wherever possible. And enjoy it barefoot.

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