Nude Resorts: Are They Really As Fun As They Sound?

travel site wonders if clothes free resorts are really much fun?

Nude Resorts: Are They Really As Fun As They Sound?

We’re big fans of the naked swim, especially on deserted beaches we find throughout our travels, or even the classic “after dark in the hotel pool” skinny dip (also referred to as the “we’ve had too many rums at the hotel bar” skinny dip). But despite those youthful back to high school classics, we’ve yet to commit to a week of full frontal freedom at one of these nude resorts.

And maybe that’s what prevents us from doing so, the fact that going to an organized place would seem to take all the fun out of the nudity. Consider this quote from Susan Weaver, AANR president: “The nudist lifestyle is all about enjoying oneself without the social or physical restrictions of clothing in a non-sexual environment of like-minded people. The point is to become comfortable with your body no matter what shape you’re in and to view it — tummy rolls and all — with acceptance.”

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