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Actively make the decisions about your nudity. In the nude-positivity movement, you own your body. You get to decide what your body is for. No one has the right to tell you when, where, or how your body should be seen. Some people want to be nude, some people don’t. It’s all good. Wearing clothing is not a crime but neither should be being nude. Be as clothed or not clothed as you want!

End nude shaming of others. We all have the right to be clothing-free without being called sluts, whores, or any other derogatory insults. Stop shaming people for being nude or semi-nude. From shaming people that are wearing revealing clothing to people that have decided to be nude professionally, just let them be in whatever state of nude they’d like, in peace. Curvy girl wearing a small bikini, don’t shame them. Topless waitress, don’t shame them. Chippendales dancer, let them gyrate, and don’t shame them.

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*Curator’s note: Some really good suggestions here stop self shaming of the body, celebrate non sexual female nudity, stop equating nudity and vulnerability. *

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