The naked truth – yoga

Clothes free yoga allows participants to shed tensions and clothes

The naked truth

Yoga is a meditative practice and the rush or anxiety I felt about being naked in public for the first time seemed to wash away. All I was left with were myself, the moves and the steady rhythm of my breathing.

After the first few moments of being naked the novelty vanished. Perhaps the reality of knowing that everyone has a body underneath their clothes, female or male, is reinforced in nude yoga.

I was suddenly very aware of my mortality, and the mortality of the people around me. The fact that we are all fragile humans with skin, hair and teeth and that we are not on this earth for long became reinforced when faced with what is underneath.

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Andrew Burrows, ArtSci ’13, and a participant in the class, first brought the practice of nude yoga to Studio 330 last spring when he approached Delahunt about the practice.

“We were all born naked, we’re all just bodies,” Burrows said about the inclusivity and simplicity of nude yoga practices.

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