A clothes free picture is worth a thousand clothes free words

Once seen it can't be unseen

Most people have been told all their lives, and by many generations, that nudity is wrong, that being seen naked by others makes you less of a person and for females this is even worse. Mainstream media is obviously not helping either with cover pages showing models whose body has been so heavily photoshopped that, if they were really of those proportions, today's medical science would be faced with a truly Herculean task in simply keeping them alive and they are then portrayed as being the ideal form. Pointing out in the process that the one time it's actually ok being seen naked is if you have an 'ideal' body.
So then into this mix of preconceptions, generational programming and fears comes a bunch of people with a concept that is at best highly challenging for them, though more often it's viewed as borderline insanity, and we just expect them to jump in at the deep end. How do you think that's going to work out?
The written word is a powerful thing it can convey thoughts, concepts, learnings and emotions which is why we are so often told to choose our words carefully. If as they say 'A picture is worth a thousand words' how much more care should be given in choosing an image? Or even more importantly the question as to the need for an image at all?
Take for example a recent bit of advice for people wanting to try nudity out, and I'm sure it was well intentioned, which as above suggested simply being nude around the house. It included an image of a young blonde naked woman in the kitchen. Seems reasonable I hear you say. What's wrong with that? Well given what I mentioned above let's look at how potential nudists, or for that matter casual readers, might view this:

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Curator's note I think the author raises some important issues to discuss


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