This Half is not Indecent HCF interviews top free campaign founder Serenity Harts


HCF connected with Serenity Harts the founder of the #ThisHalfIsNotIndecent campaign/movement and originator of the Topless Tour de Canada on IG and was intrigued by her top free campaign. Serenity graciously agreed to be interviewed and share her hopes and dreams for the top free movement.

HCF: Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself? Give a snapshot glimpse of Serenity Harts

SH If you’re an outsider looking in, my life would look like one of a brave courageous woman. Bold and Beautiful. Which is mostly true because I do live a life full of public nakedness and self love. But it wasn’t always my mission to bare my chest for the world to see. I grew up not loving who I was or how I thought I looked to the world. Being naked, and being present to my vulnerability is my driving strength for who I am today. I learned that being naked does not have to be attached to sex or shame.

HCF: Why did you decide to start the This Half is Not Indecent campaign?

SH I started this campaign #ThisHalfIsNotIndecent to create a movement around my Topless Tour de Canada. Come May 10 I’ll be driving across the Canada forming discussions around toplessness for women. Its legal, yet not many women bare their chests. I’m curious about the stigma, both men and women have about this freedom. On April 2 my kickstarted Campaign will launch and i’ll be looking to raise 13k or more to run this awareness.

HCF: What do you hope to accomplish?

SH My end result in the long run is to get more women talking about why we feel the way we do about this topic. I know its legal so theres no fight or protest, its just about the awareness and the journey.

HCF: There are other top free campaigns out there what is different about This half is not indecent?

SH We all have the same goal in mind, spreading love for oneself to be at one with themselves. No labels and no fuss. I don’t feel its different, just another variation of them.

HCF: You are woman of color, does that shape or influence how you approach this effort?

SH I’m a Nude Black Model who refuses to feel the pressure of how the media would like to sell my curves, my face, my history and my intelligence. To some I will always be a fantasy of an ebony eroticism and I choose to come from a place of selling my naked body for art and the movement of self love. Black people are the ones holding this power to shift how society views a black woman, my part is taking place in the form of my expression, my raw expression.

HCF: Do you see youself connected to the clothing optional lifestyles like naturism, nudism or clothes free?

SH I haven’t experienced clothing optional movements enough, though I’ve been venturing out into that “scene”. Next Monday actually ill be going to a clothing optional sauna session. : )

HCF: What is essential for people to know about This half is not indecent?

SH The #ThisHalfIsNotIndecent movement is for everybody and any body. I don’t believe any half is indecent, but this is my start to the discussion.

HCF: How can readers of this interview support your efforts?

SH My Kickstarter Campaign starts April 2, just look for Topless Tour de Canada, watch the video and share to people you know!

HCF: Is there anything else you would like to add?

SH Encourages every woman to embrace her body, and love herself.


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