Barely Hidden Geo cache

Nude Geocaching at Bare Oaks

The location of the cache was the subject of debate. While having one near the road would make it accessible to more people, we decided that be more interesting to have one deep inside the park. That would provide the greatest challenge given the nudity requirement if they came during warm weather.

A policy was instituted that seekers of the cache receive a complimentary pass when they tell the office that they are there to find the geocache. They would have to show photo ID and register like any visitor but no fee would be required. (it's not cool to setup a cache just to generate admission revenue)

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Curator's note: Another good example of normalizing clothes free. Still a challenge with some folks but good example nonetheless


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  1. Happy Bare 5 years ago

    Great story and lots of fun too! I join for the search.

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