Better Bush for Testicular Cancer Awareness Gallery

The aim of the project is to get men thinking about testicular cancer; using pubic hair (or the lack thereof) plus a pun as the the “attention grabber” for the hashtag campaign came about for two reasons: 1.) in a twitter exchange between a minor celebrity and myself regarding the “Sock on a Cock”/”Cock in a Sock” campaign I was told a better bush than my own would be required to sell the message of testicular cancer awareness, and 2.) showing someone’s scrotum in a close-up like that would certainly be NSFW in most places and lacking in taste in a lot of people’s eyes.

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5 thoughts on “Better Bush for Testicular Cancer Awareness Gallery”

  1. williamca says:


    1. barbeint1701 avatar barbeint1701 says:

      I completely understand your being sceptical; at first glance the project (and its method of operation) does look a bit odd (to some even comical), but judging by how well it’s been working (positive feedback from followers, messages of support, and so on), I think I can safely say it’s doing much more good than harm.

      BTW: After “Testicular Cancer Awareness Month” was over, the name of the project was changed to “#TesticularTuesday” on Twitter and the number of “bushy puns” were reduced as a result.

      1. williamca says:

        i guess to be honest i felt kinda creeped out by it all. but i think its for a good cause i guess.

        1. barbeint1701 avatar barbeint1701 says:

          No worries. To a certain extent I can understand where you’re coming from: Testicular cancer as a subject in and of itself tends to freak people out; admittedly the way I chose to bring the subject to people’s attention wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea either.

  2. Pipermac avatar pipermac5 says:

    EXCELLENT ADVICE! If you have a partner, get her in the act also, so she knows what is “normal” for you.

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