Celebrating Easter at clothes free resort

Celebrating Easter at Willamettan Family Nudist Resort

The resort welcomed extended family members of their regular crew for a weekend filled with egg hunts, singing and an Easter Sunday meal.

Stockett said that even though the resort’s population is aging, they’ve seen a bigger turnout than usual at their annual Easter weekend festivities.

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Curator's note: comments on this news item are truly sad


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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Easter at clothes free resort”

  1. Pipermac avatar pipermac5 says:

    Yes, it is sad that perverted people access a wonderful nudist post and make demeaning comments. I did post a positive comment, so hopefully the authors will put more credence in a positive comment than on the derogatory ones.

    1. Pipermac, it is unfortunate how negative folks can be when it comes to being clothes free. They take such a positive thing and turn it bad. Glad you added positive comment

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