Clothes free beach would isolate inappropriate behavior

Nudist beach would weed out perverts, says advocate

“Everywhere they've put legalised nude beaches, it becomes self-policing, it gets rid of the sleazy element,” Mr Ind said.

“Anywhere that becomes nude, well then they've got something to say to those who are not doing the right thing.”

Mr Ind's expert input follows two recent incidents on Sunshine Coast beaches.

In the first, a lone female jogger was approached on Noosa's A-Bay beach by a male nudist who shoved a camera into her hands and asked her to take his photo. In the second incident, a nude man approached three teen beachgoers last week at Coolum's Second Bay.

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  1. remitromjr says:

    I think the author is correct in THEORY; putting his thoughts into a DAILY working situation running from morning to sunset (and beyond) seven days a week is much more difficult than espousing the thought.

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