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(Naked) Music Video
Casting Notice for (Naked) Documentary / Music Video Production

Hello Everyone,

I'm a naturist singer/songwriter and niche market entertainment producer of promotional (bare body freedom) songs, documentaries and music videos with an international network of supporters that would be thrilled to have MTV /VH1 “type” ready products for effective and proper representation, and this is where I'd need your help if you'd be interested.

I need your naked bodies to help me create natural atmosphere themes for my bare body freedom documentaries and music videos. I'm particularly interested in anyone who is genuinely interested in practicing simple nudity and helping to promote bare body freedom, and encourage ordinary people and talents of every ethnicity and type to inquire and help.

Compensation is negotiable and includes a digital copy of the finished product,

Professional training and previous experience is not required! Comfort working in Nonchalant Nudity on camera is required! Submissions must include full body photos with the following;

Name: Age: Gender: Ethnicity: Language: Location: Talent/s: Availability: Experience:

There are several ongoing projects, and the compensation is very good for supporters of my efforts to promote bare body freedom!!

Ton +1 702 715 2378


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