Clothes free yoga guy arrested 2004 old article

Au naturel is natural for Naked Yoga Guy

The Naked Yoga Guy's journey into the legal system began a few months back when he started giving impromptu demonstrations at Fisherman's Wharf to plug his book and his nude lifestyle.

Davis, a onetime theology student who claims to have a trophy wife, 27- foot yacht and season tickets to the opera, said there was plenty of tourist reaction to the act.

Most of the T-shirt and fanny packer crowd, however, just snickered, shrugged or snapped a quick “only in San Francisco” photo.

Only a few showed any real interest in Davis' book or, for that matter, taking up naked yoga.

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Curator's note: Not sure this is any good for yoga or naturism/nudism and clothes free living


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  1. sassycoupleok says:

    If nothing else it’s an interesting read.

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