Clothes free yoga retreat sells outs

After New York's first naked yoga studio, the nude Ibiza yoga retreat that has become a sell-out success

The retreat is open to both men and women and is on sale from £921. It will combine mixed yoga classes for the de-robed at a luxury finca (country house) set in 20 acres of fragrant pine forests on the north of the island overlooking the sea. The retreat has its own swimming pool and even a helipad for VIP guests.
The first experience, due to start in mid-May, has already sold out, so the company is hurriedly adding extra dates to cater to upmarket holidaymakers looking to get back to nature.
Company founder Jax Lysycia told MailOnline Travel: 'I’m delighted to now be able to add Naked Yoga on to our rosta of retreats at Formentera Yoga and look forward to adding more dates on to our schedule this year as it’s been incredibly popular.

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