Commentary on being clothes free in FL

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But most Americans are still uncomfortable with their bodies. They costume them, perfume them, tattoo them, hang things from them, stick things in them and carry on as if being naked — buck naked, stark naked, naked as the day they were born — is something to be avoided at all costs. aal And I mean that literally: It costs a lot to avoid being naked, especially in a fashionable manner. After long and careful calculation mfi (about 30 seconds’ worth), I’ve estimated that the cost of remaining un-naked for those in the management class in America through a typical 40-year working life is roughly $1.7 million. In cash, after taxes.

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One thought on “Commentary on being clothes free in FL”

  1. Pipermac avatar pipermac5 says:

    He needs to “put his money where his mouth is”…bare his body along with the rest of us, rather than applauding from the textile sidelines. If being naked is good enough to comment on, it is good enough to do. I’ll be in the naked and unashamed throng.

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