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American nudism: Time for a proactive approach?

Clearly U.S. laws that regulate nudity in public places are far more stringent and oppressive to nudists and naturists than the laws in the United Kingdom. That is simply a reflection of the more repressed views on nudity in American society. In many instances simple nudity in public is unlawful in this country regardless of character or intent of it. That point serves to illustrate exactly why a strategy similar to the ACPO project is sorely needed in the U.S. However, the goal of such a project here would be significantly different.

Rather than advocating for more fairer and consistent application of current laws regulating public nudity, such a project would be more tailored toward proactively advocating for change of current laws so that simple public nudity in the absence of intent to alarm, public sexual activity or lewdness ceases to be criminalized.

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Curator's Note: Dalter continues to raise important questions to ponder for the future of clothes free life in US. If there something to be learned from British efforts


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