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Grace Christian Naturist Church of Eden (Second Life)

Second Life is not for everyone, but once you have taken the time to learn how the software works, there is a wide wonderful world to explore. Some regions better than others….Grace Christian Naturist Church is located on a huge SL Naturist Resort that understands and enforces the concept of Good Nudity.

Grace Christian Naturist Church is a fellowship of like minded believers in Second Life. Second Life is a 3d virtual reality where people interact online. Our location in Second Life is designed to provide a quite location for fellowship and worship. This is not a location for virtual sex or the like. Any lewd behavior or sexual advances will lead to removal from this land.

We are a Christian group that believes the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Truth that He died for us to pay for our sins and that if we believe in Him was are saved. We are also naturists that enjoy the comfort of simple non-sexual nudity. Many of us practice nudity in real life, socially and or at home. While others only practice it here in Second Life (SL).

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