I’m a Instagram Pariah


Downward facing dog Adho mukha savasana

Today my Instagram account got deleted because people kept reporting my pictures.I post clothes free yoga pictures on my Instagram account. Not as a way to get attention but as a way to show how beautiful and perfect the two go to together. I felt like my pictures was a book and I was telling this story which only the eyes could see.As I began to post more and more of these beautiful pictures.More of my pictures were taken down from Instagram, because of people reporting them. My friends kept giving me advice like make my page private, stop posting naked pictures or do both. But I couldn’t understand why should I stop doing something that is done only out of love and to also inspire others. There is that saying the “The beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and the way society is going is that what you wear and how much you spend is beauty.

Eagle pose Garudasana

Everyday I see people post pictures of homophobic, racist ,sexiest and much worse stuff everyday on Instagram and not one single picture gets reported. Has society become numb to this type of behavior? I honestly font know. All I know is that I post pictures that express my mind,body and soul for the world to see and yet somehow people have become offended. How can that be? I honestly do not have the answer. But I know that yesterday I posted a picture of me in a downward dog naked (pictured above) and this morning my account was deleted. I could have just said oh well and given up. But honestly it just gave me more motivation to keep posting and keep inspiring others. So I made two account one for the general public with clothes on and one private for only people who admire yoga and the human body. My friend Gina said today “as long as there are emails there will be more Instagram accounts


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