Naked Soul Yoga Challenge

This May two other yoginis and I are hosting a #nakedsoulyogachallenge on Instagram. This challenge it’s about liberation and freeing yourself from judgment. Today’s society is too judgmental and too materialist. Our insecurities continue to be a daily struggle because of today’s social criticism. Not just for women but men too. Yoga is about finding one’s true self and accepting who you are in this life.

imageWhen I do naked yoga I feel so free, grounded, alive and myself. I’m able to look at myself in the mirror and love everything about me flaws and all. I have stretch marks and cellulite and no matter how much I exercise or what cream I use they won’t go away. But the thing is I don’t care! I still love myself. People look at me and think she is perfect, she’s beautiful but I’m still human. I still have insecurities and at times judge myself.

What yoga and being naked has done for me is help those insecurities and judgments come very far and few in between. It has helped me further my spiritual journey. I’m not saying become a nudist, but if everyday you are constantly finding flaws in yourself, then maybe this is actually what you need. Take of those layers of clothes and truly look at yourself for who you are. Sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone to learn new things about ourselves.

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  1. Richard Romig avatar Rick says:

    Interested in learning more. I’m new to Instagram so I haven’t got it figured out yet.

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