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  1. Pipermac avatar
    pipermac5 5 years ago

    There are a couple of ways on interpreting that picture:
    1) A nude man has “invaded” those lady’s work-space, which causes surprise and shock.
    2) That man has been forced to strip naked and appear before those ladies for “inspection”, ala CFNM.

    The latter makes more sense to me, considering that only one lady displays any real reaction. Perhaps she is surprised by either now well-endowed he is, or by how meagerly-endowed he is. It would be very embarrassing for him in a CFNM situation.

    I would never “invade” anyone’s space nude, and I also wouldn’t want to be “inspected” by a group of ladies either.

  2. sassycoupleok 5 years ago

    Laughing !! How much fun would that be ?? The look on peoples faces when they see unexpected nudity is priceless !! 🙂

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