Postive news story on British naturism and clothes free living in general

The naked truth: 50 years later and British Naturism is still going strong

They live in St Austell, Cornwall, with their twomonth-old baby Theo.

She says: Most women who have just had a baby would be reluctant to undress in front of their husband let alone in public.

Yet even though I have a saggy tummy and stretch marks from pregnancy I still feel confident baring all.

It was a different story two years ago when we were so body shy that Martin wouldn't have dreamed of exposing his lovely legs in a pair of shorts and I wouldn't have dared wear a bikini.

Then we discovered naturism while camping on our honeymoon in the UK in July 2012 and our self-esteem soared.

While booking campsites to stay on during our road trip we found a luxurious one near Newquay but were hesitant to book when we discovered it was a nudist resort.

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2 thoughts on “Postive news story on British naturism and clothes free living in general”

  1. docdenbow says:

    I’d like to find a beach where I can simply swim maked, although there are many close by nudity just isn’t tolerated and that is a real shame.

  2. Happy Bare says:

    Excellent blog, It’s amazing how similar the first time stories are.

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