The BIBLE says nudity is not a sin.

  1. Chris Joyner 5 years ago

    My Dad was a Baptist pastor in a small town in the southern US. I know the Bible very well, well enough that I no longer consider myself a Christian. However, this observation is more Biblically solid than that of most Christians regarding Nudity. We were created and intended to be “naked and unashamed”. I read recently that “God created Nudists; sinners created clothes”. And, scripturally speaking, that is accurate. If the Genesis creation story is true, We became modest as a result of Our disobedience. One might say that Nudity is next to Godliness. Religion uses God as a means for manipulating and controlling people. The New Testament declares that “where the Spirit of the Lord Is, there is liberty”. I am determined to be liberated, transparent, ‘naked and unashamed”.

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