2 thoughts on “Topless tour de Canada rolls on”

  1. wzrdwizitch says:

    Like the idea and the message and I support both. Not too sure about the slogan though. “This half is not indecent” is a perfectly true statement however for me it raises several issues. Firstly there is an unspoken and implicit inference that the other half IS indecent, something I would not agree with. Secondly, this slogan seeks to spread a positive message but uses negative language, the words “not” and “indecent”.
    The human mind tends to ignore the word not. If I write “Do NOT think about bananas” the reader is compelled to think about bananas in order to understand the message. Thus this slogan makes a connection between “this half” and “indecent” which may be counter productive.
    Psychologically speaking a positively worded slogan will cause people to think about what is wanted (in this case it’s body acceptance, all skin is equally decent or worthy of respect etcetera).
    Just some thoughts from a distant supporter – more power to you!


    1. Thanks for the comment don’t forget to support Serenity on kickstarter as well

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