Vets manage PTSD by going clothes free

Veterans treating PTSD by going bare

And while Max has been to a therapist to help to treat his PTSD, he says that doesn't always work, so he found a different way.

According to Sanchez, he's a part of a group of veterans who live at the Fountains at Paradise Lakes, a clothing-optional housing complex, where they find peace by going bare.

“I forget about the whole world,” says Sanchez.

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  1. Alan Christensen says:

    I am a veteran of two wars I served three combat tours while in the Marines. I have “mild” PTSD. Some days its not so mild. On those days its better if I stay home inside. I became a nudist upon returning from Desert Storm in 1991. I just stumbled on a nude beach adjacent to Camp Pendleton, San Onofre. Sadly that nude beach is now clothed. But I digress, nudism helped me feel safe, to feel free from my demons. I peeled off my uniform which is your entire identity rank branch of service awards where you were at what you’ve done. I was just me. Not Sergeant so and so ,not a Marine, just me. It helped keep me sane. Another war came along two,more combat tours now I live full time in a nudist club. I feel i have found a way to cope.

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