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Best Bare Beaches

However, in the modern world, there are hundreds of thousands of people who just like to chill out on the beach, or by the lake in their “birthday suits”. Like me, they don't think of themselves as naturists and they don't want to join a naturist club or probably even visit a naturist hotel. They just like the freedom of being without clothes in a safe, sunny environment – it's as simple as that. Perhaps we are the “modern naturists”. Like most modern naturists, I have spent years travelling the world looking for the best nudist beaches. In that time, I have found some real gems and some less savoury beaches which did not live up to my expectations. And like most naturists, before every holiday, I spend hours researching nudist beaches on the internet, sifting through different web sites and printing out loads of maps and snippets of information to save me time when I get my destination.

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