Worst kind of naked? Writer uncomfortable in his own skin

Nude Yoga and the Worst Kind of Naked

Regardless of what I think, the nudity taking place in these naked yoga classes is none of my concern. The folks in those humid, putrid rooms are there of their own accord. If they're cool with it, what do I care? C'est la vie. My problem is more with the nudity I encounter on a regular basis — the full-frontal assault of male genitalia I must face every day in my gym's locker room. After every workout, I have to bob and weave through an obstacle course of naked, preening men with their rod and tackle dangling about. It's like trying to cross a moving subway car jam-packed with David statues.

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Curators note: I think the writer's discomfort with his own body is revealed in his critique of other nudity and causes his to miss the point


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12 thoughts on “Worst kind of naked? Writer uncomfortable in his own skin”

  1. Douglas G.P.McCarty says:

    He needs to respect himself before he can respect others.

  2. Happy Bare says:

    This poor schmuck is afraid of penises. He has one. It is small. That bothers him more, but he can’t talk about it. So he will talk about everyone else’s. He want others to hide their penises like he does. That way he fits in. Poor schmuck.

  3. marc says:

    Well, all has been said. Typical restriction of nudity to sexual attributes. I presume this is how you start to limit freedom of people. What if I do not like seeing noses because I find they are ugly? When I see a naked man, i’m not staring at what he has between his legs, the same with women. Now behavior of these naked people would make him uncomfortable as well because of non respect of others. So to me, there’s a confusion between nudity and wrong behaviors. My 2 cents.

    1. Thanks for the comment marc worth at least a dime IMO 🙂 I believe this to be the biggest challenge to normalizing clothes free living the nudity=sex equation that is so prevalent in society. That is why we are so vigilant in addressing it through promoting non sexual naturally clothes free life.

    1. Yeah thought you might. It is the kind of think you are dealing with on IG

      1. Those type of people are uncomfortable with themselves

        1. Yes but the have to project that discomfort on to others in order to rationalize their issues

          1. It’s sad but most people can’t even face their own insecurities

          2. What is sadder is the way they chose to deal with them is to project them on to others so everyone get to be miserable

          3. People will rather hate something that is different ,then just except they do not understand

  4. edzoeller says:

    I agree. It is differcult when having to avoid people like that.

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