YBN and Clover Spa inspire another positive first clothes free experience

YBN at Clover Spa: My first naturist experience

On a more personal level, I'm proud to say that after a few hours, I took my clothes off. Why not? I won't bore you with the when in Rome clichés, but to pass up the opportunity in such a wonderful setting would have been mad. Clover Spa and YBN were so welcoming, laid back and most importantly, non-creepy (this had been a slight underlying fear, but thankfully unfounded!) Everybody kept telling me how much better spa facilities feel without a swimming costume, so I ditched the recorder for a bit, took a break from interviewing… And headed into the sauna. I dropped my towel and felt awkward for all of about ten seconds. Then thought to myself, “Wow, this actually feels really liberating!” As someone who has struggled with body confidence issues, it gave me a real confidence boost, and I couldn't stop grinning.

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