Clothes free for 50 years

Woman naked for 50 years

“She is very healthy. Whether it is cold or hot, rainy or sunny, she is still naked. Only on extremely cold days does she stay at home to be near the fire,” Khanh said.

Upon seeing strangers, Dong hastily covered her body with a blanket. But after the guide’s introduction in the Muong language, her reticence seemed to ease, and she became less shy. Appearing much older than her real age, with sunken eyes and wrinkled face, she said: “I do not know why I cannot wear clothes. If I put them on, I feel uncomfortable, irritable and itchy, and I just want to tear them into pieces”.

Despite never wearing clothes, this strange woman has never been sick at all. “My body is healthy, the skin is very thick. I don’t feel the cold,” she added.

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