Exploring the need to be clothes free

Camping in the city

Opening the door to the house and stepping outside of that safe zone can often present problems for both the naturist and others who are averse to seeing other humans naked. Why is there something stirring within that prods one to take such risks. I took such a risk as we camped in the middle of a city, surrounded by many others in their camping trailers, as the image illustrates. Why? I needed some time clothing free. In my mind, the enclosure allowed me to be nude without having to deal with others being offended. Yet, I could have stayed within the camping trailer. What is it that is at work here?

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  1. grthjxn4 says:

    I am going to attempt walking some of the South Downs Way next year and I’m hoping to do it in part naked. I will also be asking what people find offensive about nudity and nakedness.

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