Give clothes free yoga a try

We Tried It: NYC’s Naked Yoga Class

I walked home after brunch, planning to shower and dab on some light makeup and body lotion before heading back out for naked yoga. But, once I got there, I realized there was no point in preparing; instead, I was going to do this completely au naturel. I arrived a few minutes early to the class’s secret location in Chelsea and was warmly greeted by my instructor (and BOLD & NAKED’s co-founder), Monika Werner. Monika’s inviting nature instantly calmed me down, and suddenly, the idea of getting naked in front of a class of 16 people (each class has an equal ratio of men to women) didn’t seem so intimidating.

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  1. nurevealyoga says:

    That is the future of NuReveal yoga, equal ratio of men and women. I love teaching and doing yoga au naturale. For practical reasons, I do not get any chafing with my clothes. For spiritual reasons, I feel more connected with the Universe and the energy around me. I can see what muscles need adjustments a lot quicker than if I had clothes on as well.

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