3 thoughts on “Our first three guides to SL Naturist locations are available on Issuu”

  1. Darrel says:

    What is the current situation with child avatars at non-sexual naturist locales in SL? I don’t spend nearly as much time in-world as I used to, but I still come on occasionally and I’ve had an avatar that’s a 9/10 year-old boy almost since I first started in SL about five years ago. I’m a naturist in RL, and there used to be a number of kid-friendly clothing optional places in SL (some were kid-only!), but most seemed to have shut down. Are there any left? By the way, I went to a kid avatar to start with because I got tired of all the flirting when I had a adult av. I was about to quit SL when I met a kid, which I didn’t know was possible. I got a kid avatar the same day and have had one ever since. Don’t have to worry about getting hit on!

  2. Mia MacKleby says:

    So many nude fun places in SL. “Naked”, “Turtle Beach”, “The Wild Coast”, “Skinny Dip Inn”, and “Naked in Space” are some of my favs. Lupes Magical Forest is a pure visual delight. There are many more that are nude friendly.

  3. Thanks for your support 🙂 Not all of us can readily get to a naturist beach/resort ‘at will’. Second Life offers the opportunity for a virtual alternative, and the values of the naturist community in Second Life, open, friendly, helpful, reflects the values of real life naturists. If you’ve not tried real life naturism, joining Second Life and immersing yourself in the naturist lifestyle is a start! It’s a repository of useful tips regarding etiquette, expectations and locations. Join us! 🙂

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