One thought on “No d***s please, we’re a naturist site (?!?!)”

  1. Pipermac avatar pipermac5 says:

    I think this is a symptom of a far larger problem, the rabid emasculation of all men. Nobody seems to mind if a woman lays out spread-eagle with all of her feminine parts on display, but heaven-forbid the man who has even a hint of an erection. There are discussions all over the nudist community about penises and erections, and most of them aren’t positive.

    I may be considered the “promoter of the penis”, but I am fed up with all this anti-male, anti-penis talk. A couple of days ago, All-Nudist posted an article “Young Nudists, Erections, and THEN it Gets Interesting! – See more at:“, and when I commented in favor of penises, the blogger insinuated that I was neither a nudist nor a Christian. I am both, and I believe that what God created IS good, and that we should NOT be ashamed of what we have been bequeathed.


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