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Croatia; a land of the FKK living (Freikörperkultur) meaning Free Body Culture is influenced by The Germans. This beautiful country is a hot spot for naturist living and camping. Just a short ferry ride from Krk Island meets the 3 Star FKK camping Baldarin site on Cres, Island. A huge population of the naturist community here is German, as I walked through the campsite it was full of tents, campers and whispers in German.

Its been 5 days here, and I haven’t crossed paths with any African-Canadians/Americans. After parking the car, I stripped down and headed for the beach. (Note* when traveling here the beaches are not sandy). As I searched for a big flat rock to sun bathe on, the stares were heavy (which lead to my next note, get one of those travel translation books – in either German, Polish, or Russian will do). Families with little ones and big ones ran around playing games, eating lunch and soaking up the sun. It was a similar experience for me like my visit to Bare Oaks

in Newmarket, Ontario. As active as I am, about my nakedness and advocation for self love, it still surprises me when I meet other young adults who are comfortable and already shed of body issues and insecurities. When faced with a world full of people who think this lifestyle is a show or a reason to be outcasted because we choose to be free, I’m at home when I’m surrounded by those of the naturist campsites.

I decided to go naked backpacking around Europe to explore my options of residency. Having my British passport (thanks mom & dad), Ive traveled with country regulations in mind, figuring out the best places I can be free. Most of the countries in the European Union are encouraging of top freedom movements and naturist lifestyles. My last stop will be in London where I will continue to break barriers and create conversations around the human form.

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