VH1 explores the Naked Reality of Dating

Leave it to Vh1 to take the Naked reality show trend in to the sexual sphere with its new show Dating Naked. If you have not caught the show yet the premise is this. Two singles are given the opportunity to go on three dates with each other and two other people. After the third date the two featured singles must choose the person they had the greatest connection with and decide if they would go on another date beyond the show. All the dates which tend to physically oriented are done without clothes.


Dating Naked couples

After dates I the evenings the clothes all gather at the pool where drinking usually ensues. This is usually accompanied by drinking, skinny dipping sexual innuendos and some sexual interaction ranging from flirting all the way to actual hooking up.

While on the surface the show might help to normalize nudity and clothes free activity the strong sexual overtones creates a major fail in that arena. Unlike the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid where participants are actually engaged in non sexual activity Dating Naked feels very much like it is all about the sexiness of being clothes free.

This only serves to reinforce the social stereotype and suspicion of people who clothes free we are all just sex fiends. Dated Naked is doing more harm than good for the clothes free cause in my opinion. The second season of the series starts soon on VH1

Update Two of the participants on the show pictured below have gotten married in a televised episode of the show. This was actually a cool episode to see, with the exception of the of the couples effort to provide a clothes free yoga practice for the wedding guests. The guests who according to the bride were all drunk made a mockery of the yoga. Oh well I guess you can’t have it all.


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