2 thoughts on “What’s not right about being naked?”

  1. Pipermac avatar pipermac5 says:

    Looking at this long-distance, I see an effort on the part of the UK authorities to make an example of Mr. Gough. They know that they could never really convict him on some kind of nudity charge, so they use an ill-defined statute to convict him of not obeying orders. This has all the hallmarks of a totalitarian government, and if we think that some kind of “Human Rights Court” is going to help him, we are badly-deluded. Because his is a high-profile case, it will have a chilling-effect on anyone else in the UK who would be tempted to not “toe the mark”. As we are seeing in the US, things will only go from bad to worse, not get better. Totalitarian, one-world government is the ultimate goal of the global string-pullers, of which the crown is in the upper-echelon.

    1. alleuropean says:

      Not the hallmarks of a totalitarian state, but certainly one of a conservative state. You are right that it is aimed at ensuring there is a line in the sand, but there will almost certainly be further judgements in years to come too.

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