Dear Prudence: How do I stop my nudist wife from raising two naked children?

Dear Prudence,

My wife of more than 10 years has always been a bit of a nudist. Nothing public, but around the house and our pool and out in the boat she likes to be in the buff. Our son is now 6 years old and my daughter is 3. My children are being raised in the nude, the same way my wife was raised. They get home from school and their clothes come off. I come home at night to two naked kids and a naked wife. Now that our children are getting older, I think it might be time that everyone starts covering up a bit more. My wife disagrees and does not want to change. Are we doing damage to our kids here?

—Clothing Not Optional

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3 thoughts on “Dear Prudence: How do I stop my nudist wife from raising two naked children?”

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    Seriously ?? Do you have any idea how many men would love to have a wife like this ?? As far as the kids go, they are the most natural nudist ever and will always be so until someone makes them feel guilty and tells them they have to wear clothing. Accept this wonderful gift from your wife and children and relax to enjoying a wonderful nude life !!

  2. Pipermac avatar pipermac5 says:

    I found it quite sad that one prude wrote to another prude looking for advice. Miss Prudence knows nothing about kids, and their natural desire to be naked. I doubt that their mother has to “drag” their clothes off when they get home from school. They probably fling their clothes off as they are running in the door, and to insinuate that their mother is “forcing” them to be nudists is ludicrous.

    That dad just needs to get over HIS prudishness and allow his family to be comfortable in whatever state of dress they choose.

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