How To Meet Nudists In Your Area | A Guide by YNA

Meeting Nudists Offline

If you haven’t already, see if there are any alternative places nearby for a nudie to visit besides a club or resort.

Examples of alternative nudie environments:

• Swimming holes or places in nature that have a tradition of skinny dipping, such as ponds, rivers and lakes in national parks or forests. The website has a comprehensive list of swimming holes all over the country (though we don’t know how often it gets updated). It has both textile and naked areas, so look for the ones specifically noted to have a skinny dipping tradition. Keep in mind that the people who frequent these places don’t necessarily call themselves naturists. Since these places are usually free and open to the public, they attract all sorts of people. But if other people are there skinny dipping, you clearly have a shared interest!

How To Meet Nudists In Your Area | A Guide by YNA

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