7 thoughts on “Photo for Friday, 21st November”

  1. I have a “home office” of sorts. It’s actually in my living room. I am nude at home all the time (of course…duh) and when I have a chance to work from home, I am nude. But I have thought (almost daily) what it would be like to be nude in work. I do desktop support and it large office environments (different companies over the years) I imagine myself being totally nude and walking around there, visiting the clients at their desks working on their PC’s resolving problems while being totally naked (in my mind). I have a great imagination so I’ll just say with “experience”, it is great!

  2. I do this; it’s the best. I concentrate much better and am significantly more productive when clothes free.

  3. Mike says:

    that would be great to work nude

  4. sassycoupleok says:

    We work nude everyday in our home office ! 🙂

  5. That would be my dream to have the opportunity to work naked.

  6. Nothing like being free while you work

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