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We are slowing making the transition to a web magazine format for the site. We hope to complete the transition in January 2015, though you may already have noticed some of the changes that are being implemented. The named has been changed from home clothes free to clothes free life (along with a new domain URL) to reflect the change and expanded scope of content. A new logo is now in place and our Twitter feed will reflect the name change soon. These are a few of the cosmetic changes. But that’s not all.

We also added a few new contributors who will bring a diverse and global perspective on a variety of topics lime the clothes free relationships, fitness and newbie experiences. We are adding more content on clothes free art and literature (through the clothes free readers book) as well a poetry, and curated news, trends and information from the clothes free community. We will continue to have the opinion pieces and polls that give you an opportunity discuss what’s happening in the clothes free world online and off.

What does this mean for visitors to the site and regular readers? We hope hope to provide a steady stream of interesting, useful content with a global diverse perspective. If you want to get in on the conversation then be sure to register on the site as soon you will able to mention and tag your fellow readers using @username. Tell a friend about the site and stay tuned for an exclusive interview to debut at the relaunch in January. If you have ideas and suggestions let us know

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5 thoughts on “From home clothes free to clothes free life:site relaunch coming”

  1. Well hope all gets going again.!

    1. Not stopping while we transition just transitioning on the fly

      1. Well yeah..well you can change anything you want from its background theme to_etc. If you need help I’ll tell you what to do to “correct” it..go for it son.!

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