Happy Nude Year! Wait…what? It’s not even Christmas

So, it is official, I am declaring December 1 the beginning of my new nude year!

For the last few years I have spent the majority of my time, and my energy, caring for others. Mind you, this is not a complaint, I am a natural giver and it brings me great joy to be able to take care of someone else. However, somewhere along the way, I started giving too much of myself away.  I lost touch with the real me. I had forgotten what made me truly happy; the things that made my soul sing, even the simplest things like being clothes free at home, having a circle of like-minded friends, reading for fun.  Told ya, simple.

Then, I woke up.

The first week of November I spent on vacation in Miami, Florida for my 41st birthday.  I disconnected from work, from home, from taking care of anyone other than myself. I spent four days on Haulover Beach, and a full day on a clothing optional snorkel and kayak trip in Key West. I was in heaven!

That gave me lots of time to think, and journal, and really refocus on me; and make some “resolutions.”

I realized that putting myself first doesn’t make me selfish, it is going to make me better equipped to handle my day to day life. I invite you on the journey with me. What journey you ask? Let me fill you in.

So my goals for the new me:

  1. Begin a daily meditation practice. I need the time daily to focus myself and energies.
  2. Begin practicing yoga. So excited about this one! I have found a class that I really enjoy, however it only meets once a week so going to supplement with a home practice with DVD’s. If anyone has suggestions for DVDs please let me know
  3. Exercise! I really don’t need to explain this one do I?
  4. Get back to my naturist life!!
  5. Participate in the World Naked Bike Ride in 2015
  6. Participate in the Cypress Cove Nude 5k and Paddleboard in September 2015
  7. Make more clothes free friends!
  8. And just for fun by December 1, 2015, I am going to learn how to do a headstand.

I promise to keep you updated at least once a month on my progress and what is happening with me. But there is something I need from you; I need your support. You are going to help me by being my cheering section and by holding me accountable.

So back to the beginning, why December 1st? Because I have put myself off long enough, tomorrow it begins! Come with me!!

Naturally yours,


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