International Clothes Free Community Remembers Christiane Lecocq

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The naturist world recently lost one of its founders and greatest champions. Christiane Lecocq passed away on December 24, 2014 at the age of 103.

Christiane discovered naturism in 1932 at a sports club. There is where she also met her future husband, Albert. Together, the two would create many naturist resources throughout their lifetimes. In 1949, they began “La Vie au Soleil” which would be the emblamatic journal of naturist lifestyle for the next 60 years, still published today. In 1950, they founded la Fédération française de Naturisme and created the foundational values of the naturist lifestyle. That year they also established the world’s first naturist heliotherapy center, located in Montavilet. Three years later, they founded la Fédération Internationale de Naturisme (International Naturist Federation) with the goal of connecting naturist groups and movements sprouting in other European countries.


Christiane is well remembered for her many efforts in shaping and supporting naturism around the world.

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