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  1. CalgaryMark says:

    Is this only a policy change at ‘SL’ or is it also a policy change at Home Clothes Free? You aren’t clear.

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  2. CalNudist says:

    I like the change. Never have been a fan of the posed model pics. Everyday people going about their day are far more visually pleasing and representative of naturism.

  3. Pipermac avatar pipermac5 says:

    Here in the US, most nudist venues have adopted a “no photos allowed” policy, and that policy has deprived us of good “first-person” nudist photos. I understand that policy, to a point, but I believe that it should be relaxed to allow a person to take their own nude selfie or have someone else, using their own camera, take a picture or pictures of them enjoying the nudist lifestyle and activities. I certainly don’t advocate taking photos of people without their permission. It may be permissible to take photos at nudist venues in Eastern Europe, so that anyone going to a nudist venue is tacitly giving their permission to be photographed by their presence at the venue.

    I have only been photographed nude three times by someone else. A friend photographed me and my wife at Playalinda a couple of years ago. I was part of the multitude at Cypress Cove during the WRSD in 2013, and then this last fall, I was part of the group at a nudist bowling event. The latter two were “official” photographs, but they are hardly representative of typical nudist activities. We don’t normally have several hundred people packed into a pool, and nude bowling is only an occasional event.

    1. sassycoupleok says:

      Yes photo taking around the US resorts is closely monitored and can result in being banned form a resort. We have taken a few but you always need permission from any who might be in the photos. When it can be done it’s a lot of fun to have and share the memories with those friends.

  4. sassycoupleok says:

    We feel the new policy is more honest and realistic. The photos here represent what we typically see at our resort. Just normal people enjoying being natural.

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