2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with posting erection pics?”

  1. Knot Knudsen says:

    Boner boys should not strut if they can’t control their erections. Go have their sex with their own hand as usual and leave the nudist alone. Once they have drained the last ounce of lust and can keep it down.then come out and see what real nude men with control do. That is have nude freedom. Not sexual freedom..

  2. I really appreciate this piece. It sounds to me like the author is thinking big picture of how to move the conversation forward regarding naturism / nudism / clothes free living. And, it’s hard to move conversations forward and make shifts in society if the conversation always returns to something that most would easily, immediately mistake for sexual. It’s what I wrestle with all the time on social media.

    As much as society here shames nudity, it also eroticizes it. It’s both shunned and the secret lusty desire of all. So, the challenge is the lift the vision out of the hole of sexuality and show a broader perspective and experience of those who engage in clothes free lifestyle.

    It’s the same reason (one of many personal reasons) that I don’t post booty pics. I’m not ashamed of my butt. I don’t pretend like I don’t have one. But at the same time, I know where conversations tend to go when such an image is posted. And it’s not moving the clothes free conversation forward. It spins it back down into a hole.

    So, the way the piece landed for me, his choice has nothing to do with shame. It has everything to do with manipulating society to see the clothes free experience as a broader full body, heart, mind experience full of activities and conversations overflowing.

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