Young Naturists explore the difference between clothes free living and exhibitionism

Exhibitionism vs. Nudism

For those who might be new to the nudist community or are curious about the naturist lifestyle… Nudism and Naturism are not about being seen naked for sexual gratification, or being a voyeur and gawking at people’s breasts, genitals or the “sexy” bodies they belong to.

If that is the motivation behind your interest in becoming a nudist then you should try searching online for swinger or sexual lifestyle resorts instead of nudist resorts.

But in the digital age, it seems many have found new ways to satisfy their exhibitionist impulses.

First, there is the dick pic phenomenon. Dating websites and social media have made it very easy for men (it’s usually men) to send unsolicited penis photos (“dick pics”) to strangers.

Perhaps no online platform better mimics the dropping-pants-in-public experience than Chat Roulette. This video chat service allows users to connect with random people all over the world via webcam. The problem is many people found they were connecting with random penises all over the world. A website like this offers instant gratification to an exhibitionist as they can immediately see the viewer’s reaction.

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